Friday June 30, 2017
SHEFFIELD head to Redcar in more Championship action tonight – with a new signing in the side.

Nathan Stoneman has agreed to join the club with immediate effect as a replacement for Jack Parkinson-Blackburn who has given up his team spot.

Stoneman rides as a guest replacement against Redcar but will officially become a full team member for Saturday’s trip to Glasgow.

Sheffield co-owner Damien Bates said: “We knew we had to make a move because we only had a facility to bring in guest riders for so long.

“It’s a shame and very disappointing about Jack because we have invested a lot of time and money into him to make him an asset of the club.

“But we have to move on and respect his decision to focus on the National League to try and rebuild his confidence.

“We welcome Nathan to the club, he’s an ambitious lad who wants to give it a go at this level and fair play to him for that.

“When we spoke to him about doing it he didn’t need long to make his mind up and he will give it his very best.

“His attitude is very positive and that’s what we want in our pits, he deserves to succeed and we will do whatever we can to help make that happen.”

REDCAR: Rory Schlein, Jonas B Andersen, Ben Barker, Ellis Perks, Charles Wright, Coty Garcia, Danny Ayres.
SHEFFIELD: Josh Grajczonek, Todd Kurtz, Lasse Bjerre, Josh Bates, Kyle Howarth, Rob Branford, Nathan Stoneman.

PICTURED: Nathan Stoneman is welcomed to Sheffield by club co-promoter Peter Mole.

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